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Welcome everyone to our icons blog,
here we design icons (Anime - Manga- Drama-movies and... whatever)icons
you can also use the icons, don't ask us about that ..
finally ... if you want icons ? just request and we'll do them when we have free time,
i hope you enjoy with the icons ♡
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caliberswordsman whispered:
just letting you know your icons are really adorable and you're encouraging me to also make an icon blog nwkejrnwerwewr can't wait to see those noragami icons and good luck!

Really ? ohhh *////* thank you so much 

 that’s made us happy T///T 

we waiting your icons blog xP

finally we post it !

i hope you like it <3

    Noragami Icons [1-12]

    - Download

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       7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12

                                          All [1-12]

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